Dave Collins

Dave Collins

Dave Collins is a Graduate of Grey College, University of Durham with a First Class Honours Degree in Music.  

He specialised in acoustical composition with Richard Rijnvos, Sam Hayden and Eric Egan. 

He also composed for fixed media electronics supervised by Peter Manning and Simone Tasrsitani.

Further studies were undertaken with Ray Farr (Conducting and Arranging), Bennet Zon (Orchestration), and Huw Thomas (Conducting and Trumpet Performance).

He is also an alumni of Salford University graduating from a Masters in Musical Composition with a distinction in 2017. During this time he was supervised by Alan Williams and produced aleatoric works based upon games and gameplay focusing on the aestheic of John Cage in Reunion which he re-imagined as a 21st century sound installation.

Dave's works for band have been performed around the world in countries including as Korea, Canada and America by bands such as Cory Band, The International Staff Band, GUS Band, Carlton Main Colliery Band, Milnrow Band, as well as military bands in the UK, Denmark, and New Zealand.

Outside of composition, Dave works within orchestral management.

Dave Collins

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