Dominique Fonteyn

Dominique Fonteyn, born on 6 July 1987 in Lommel (B), started at the age of 13 on trombone with the local wind band K.H. Hoop in de Toekomst. After barely a year the lessons were stopped and he became a playing member of the wind orchestra. Since then he continued his self-taught studies and gained experience as a musician with various orchestras, including 10 years with Fanfare Orchestra Brass-aux-Saxes. In September 2011, he began the three-year HaFaBra conducting course at the Municipal Music Academy of Genk with composer-conductor Kevin Houben. He graduated with distinction. During this training he got the urge to compose his own music. On the occasion of his final exam he wrote his first work "Stations of the Cross".  Currently he is active as a conductor and musician with several amateur bands. Professionally he works as a software developer.


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