Morten J. Wallin

Morten J. Wallin

Morten J. Wallin, born in Oslo Norway, started playing Euphonium at the age of 10 in a local school band. At the age of 16 and onwards he joined several local amateur bands. 

After years playing the Euphonium, he developed a curiosity for the Bassoon and started taking lessons. The Bassoon is now his main instrument and the Euphonium is mainly used in outdoor concerts and marching. 

For several years he has been a member of an amateur band which participates in the Norwegian National Championships for wind band.

He has conducted several local school bands over the years and received several prizes for the bands in contests. 

Morten’s works for band have been performed around the world in different countries. Including Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, USA and Japan. 

Morten J. Wallin

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