Roger Derongé

Roger Derongé

Roger Derongé (°Brussels 1958) grew up in Tervuren where, at the age of six, he acquired his first musical knowledge within the local wind band. During his studies at the Royal Music Conservatory in Brussels, he obtained several First Prizes including those for trumpet and HaFaBra conducting. Roger gained considerable experience with the former Symphony Orchestra of the BRT and the National Orchestra of Belgium. He also played with folk group Rum and toured the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium for two years with the BRT production 'Het Zwarte Goud' (with a.o. Wannes Van de Velde, Dirk Van Esbroeck, Juan Masondo, Dree Peremans,...). Together with a.o. Jan Hautekiet, Frakke Arn, Erik Melaerts and Tars Lootens, he provided the music for Mark Sebille's film 'Brussel'.

As a cornet player Roger Derongé was associated with Brassband Willebroek and Brassband Buizingen.

At the beginning of his professional career, Derongé combined music education at the day school with teaching at the academy for a number of years. After that he opted for a full-time job as a brass and ensemble teacher at the Municipal Music Academy 'De Vonk' of Oud-Heverlee and the Academy for Performing Arts (APKO) of Overijse-Hoeilaart-Tervuren.

Roger Derongé has won several prizes. For instance, in 1997 he received a prize for the composition competition Flemish Community with 'A Ticket to Two Thousand'. In 2004 he became quarter finalist with his work 'Silva Carbonaria' in the international composition competition 'Coups de Vents' in France. In 2014 Derongé was winner of the triennial municipal culture prize 'Maurits Wynants' of the municipality of Tervuren, and in 2018 his composition 'In Flanders Fields' was chosen as testpiece in 2nd division at the Belgian Brass Band Championships. Also in 2018 he was declared winner of the National Flute Association Newly Published Music Competition in the United States with his composition 'Fanfaflut', written for flute quartet. And in the same competition he became finalist in 2019 with his work 'Klezmorim', also composed for flute quartet.

At the end of June 2019 Roger Derongé retired as a music teacher, but musically he remains active in several disciplines. He is a member of the amateur music organisation 'VLAMO', he gives artistic advice to music groups and is a member of the jury at band contests. In the future he will continue to focus on composing, arranging and conducting.

Roger Derongé

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